We Are Rally

At Rally we understand the importance of a good night's sleep.

We share the same philosophy as our parent company, Diamond Mattress – providing a quality product at a fair price. Carrying forward the same core values that has helped Diamond Mattress become the largest independent mattress manufacturer in California.

Rally aims to help people sleep better by delivering a next-generation mattress and a focus on what matters most: you.

Our Mission

With more than 70 years of mattress manufacturing experience, we set out to design the next-generation mattress with one thing in mind: YOU. Our goal was to make a high quality, affordable mattress so YOU can sleep better and Rally everyday with more energy, more confidence, less stress, more happiness, and a better perspective on life. Life is already complicated, buying a mattress shouldn't be.

Our Roots

Delivering world-class service and innovative sleep products since 1946, Diamond Mattress is a fourth-generation, family-owned company passionate about making products that will stand the test of time. Hand-crafting each mattress in their own California factory using American-sourced materials, Diamond takes pride in the quality of its products and a passion for service. Rally carries forward this tradition, providing a high-performance mattress tailored to your unique needs.

The Factory

We proudly hand-craft each mattress in our California factory using American-sourced materials. Our facilities are run using the Just-In-Time Manufacturing Method, which reduces inventory waste and allows employees to use their skills more efficiently.

At Rally, we want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. That's why we're going all-in on things that really matter, from investing in a high efficiency lighting system that automatically turns on and off to using local suppliers for our components in order to conserve fuel, transportation costs, and reduce carbon emissions. And since we control the entire production process you can trust that your Rally mattress is not only a superior quality bed but it's also helping to reduce environmental impacts. But we're not done yet. We're just getting started...

The Product

We leverage over 70 years of mattress manufacturing experience with the latest in material technology to create an exceptionally comfortable, supportive and rejuvenating mattress. We're so confident you will love your Rally mattress we give you a 100 night risk-free sleep trial with free returns, and we're so confident in the quality of construction that we give you a 20-year warranty- twice as long as the other guys.

Durability & Performance Testing

All of the products produced by Rally have been designed through extensive research and in-depth testing. We use Rollator and Cornell testing to ensure that our mattresses will not break down over time. These test simulate 10 years of usage by taking a 240 pound roller and rolling it over the mattress 100,000 times. Through this testing we are able to prove that our mattresses will hold up far better than industry standards and will remain comfortable for years.